Al babtain Food found by Al Babtain family in 1998 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Throughout the years, Al Babtain Food expands through in the kingdom within nine branches to be close to our clients in order to provide the high quality services.

The Story

The start was in 1998 by Abdulaziz and Mansour Ibrahim Al Babtain after seeing a big opportunity in food services sector. The brothers apply their experiences taken from their father Mr. Ibrahim Al Babtain, co- funder of the Babtain group of companies – one of the biggest business groups in Saudi Arabia. From that time, the brothers are very close to the business and always seeking to make clients happy with the good and services provided. Nowadays, Al Babtain Food is the leader in the market in Bakery, Pastry and Ice-cream ingredients. It should be noted that Al Babtain’s success in the market came because of the high cooperation with our partners in which we are exclusively import the products from all around the world.


The Chairman Message


Since Abdulaziz & Mansour Albabtain Co. was established, our goal was to be one of the biggest companies and suppliers in the Saudi market specializing in bread manufacturing, pastry, and Ice cream. We made it our mission to partnership with the elite manufacturers and producers in these segments around the world enabled us to deliver new, healthy, and high quality products at competitive prices to meet the customer expectations and needs. Through our experience, we have provided multiple location for training and enhancing our client knowledge and qualification and to encourage new Saudi youth to enter the market. At Albabtain Food, we have a qualified team that carefully selected the right products that fits the market requirements. We always strive to be the leader in this sector.- Mr. Mansour Ibrahim Al Babtain